Police Still Looking for Driver that Hit Solider on His Way to Work

Broken Arrow police want to know who was driving a vehicle that hit an Army mechanic, who was headed to work. The accident happened Monday morning around 4:30.

Police say the impact of the hit, sent 24 year old Brendan Simmons flying 120 feet. The bike stopped at 80 feet, but the rider kept going and landed in a ditch, right off Highway 51, near the Nashville intersection in Broken Arrow.

Simmons was just tying to get to work, having left his wife and 11 month old daughter at home. He left on the bike because the family's only car needs work.

Amanda Simmons says her husband had been driving the 17 miles that took two hours, for the last two weeks.

"Our car broke down and it's gonna cost $3700 dollars to fix, which we don't have right now so he decided taking the bike would be the best way to get to work, so he left for work early and one morning that happened," she said.

Now Simmons is recovering with a broken leg and a concussion. Police say Simmons was legally riding on the shoulder of the road, with a green reflective jacket on.

They are asking anyone that may have a clue about a car with damages, to the passenger front side, to please call police.