Tulsa Bike Shop Starting 100th Year

Tulsa has a lot of long-time businesses, but there aren't many that can boast of being around for close to a century.

That's the case for Lee's Bicycles.

They're now celebrating, the start of their 100-th year in business.

Lee Aldridge started things in 1914 at the corner of 2nd and Boulder.

He ran the company until the 1940's, when he left it to his widow.

She later sold it to a man named Shelton who kept it going until 1972.

That's when the current owner's father purchased Lee's.

Adam Vanderburg took it over from his dad in 2001.

Then he moved the company from Brookside to 2nd and Frankfort 3years ago.

Vanderburg says the move has worked out well form them.

He also says there's a certain weight that comes with carrying on the business, but he enjoys the challenge.

They are celebrating the start of their 100th year with a display of historic bikes and bicycle art.

Vanderburg says he thinks bicycles will always be a part of our lives.

Especially because we are just starting to realize the national problems, with things like obesity and diabetes.

He thinks more Americans will turn back to fitness and the outdoors.

So bicycling will be a big part of that future.