Bill Blankenship & John L. Smith Have Superstitions

Athletes and coaches are very superstitious. I've had guys tell me they always put their right sock and shoe on before they put on their left. Or they always eat the same thing in the same place at the same time.

Arkansas head football coach John L. Smith has his own superstitions. He wears his left sock inside out. It comes from when he was a player. He had a good game and he noticed his sock was inside out.

Smith's counter-part this week Tulsa head coach Coach Bill Blankenship has his own routines.

"If I ever wear a sock inside out I never knew it. It's because I can't see in the closet. it's not on purpose." Blankenship said, "Superstitions? None I'll confess to right now. I'm very much a creature of habit. Well I have to have my Coney's on a certain day. I've got to have my Mexican on a certain day. Typically it all revolves around food that's probably why I look the way I do. Tuesday? It's Mexican day."

The Golden Hurricane and the Razorbacks kickoff Saturday in Fayetteville at 11:21am.