Bill Christiansen Claims He Won the Debate

Supporters for Bill Christiansen wasted no time declaring their candidate the winner of last night's forum/ debate. Just moments after it was over, someone handed a press release to moderator Mark Bradshaw. The headline read "Christiansen Wind First Televised Debate." The press release declared the candidate the only alternative to business as usual.

Josh McFarland was the author of the press release. McFarland works for the Christiansen campaign and he tells he wrote it on his iPhone and emailed it to Kinkos. He had a runner pick up the copies and return to the OU/ Tulsa campus ready to distribute them as the final statements were being made. McFarland called it "a well oiled machine."

Text of Release:

Christiansen Wins First Televised Debate

Christiansen is only alternative to business as usual

The League of Women Voters held the first televised debate tonight at the Perkins Auditorium. It was apparent with a packed auditorium that Tulsan's were eager to hear the candidates.

Christiansen started by acknowledging a supporter that was in the crowd, WWII veteran Paul Andert. During the debate Christiansen said, "I want to continue to build relationships with the citizens, as I have done on the campaign trail and when I'm Mayor I will continue to do so."

One of the questions asked by the audience was about non-partisan elections and Christiansen got a good zinger in regarding Taylor's response when she alluded to everything that she had done. Christiansen's stated, "I didn't do anything, it's a team effort. There is no I."

Bill Christiansen is the only alternative to business as usual.