Bill Filed to Let OK Counties Vote on Horse Slaughter Plants

A bill has been filed by state Senator Randy Bass to give Oklahomans the chance to vote on whether or not they want to have horse slaughter plants in their communities.

"Senate Joint Resolution 66" would require a majority vote in the respective communities in order to allow the slaughter facilities.

A press release from the Oklahoma State Senate addressed the views of opponents of horse slaughter facilities. Such opposition included that horse slaughter facilities lower the real estate values of nearby communities and increase horse theft crime.

A SoonerPoll survey last year displayed that the majority of Oklahomans did not want a horse slaughter facility in their community.

"What's interesting is the fact that it didn't really matter if you were talking about people living in a rural area or a large city, and it didn't matter if they were a Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal--the overwhelming majority did not want a horse slaughter plant in their community," Bass said in the press release.