Bill Introduced which Would Regulate and Tax Marijuana in Oklahoma

A push has been made in the Oklahoma State Senate to make marijuana legal in Oklahoma for adults 21 years of age and older.

Senate Bill 2116, introduced by Oklahoma Senator Connie Johnson, would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol in the state.

The bill would make the personal use, possession and limited home-cultivation of marijuana legal in Oklahoma, according to a press release from the Oklahoma State Senate.

"By taxing and regulating marijuana we can take the lucrative market out of the hands of criminals and drug cartels and put it in the hands of tax-paying, law-abiding businesses," Johnson said.

"More importantly, we can stop arresting adults simply for using a substance less harmful than alcohol and focus our law enforcement resources on violent crimes and real threats to public safety," Johnson said.

Johnson also referenced the lack of success of marijuana prohibition as a reason for its legalization.

"As taxpayers, we're spending over $30 million each year policing, jailing and incarcerating our citizens on marijuana-related offenses. Yet marijuana is almost universally available. It's time for a smarter approach," Johnson said.

There will be a hearing held Feb. 12, promoted as "Marijuana Rally Day," by the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Select Agencies on the science of medical marijuana.

Advocates will spend the day explaining their position to elected officials regarding pending marijuana proposals.