Bill Would Add Tax Form Check-Off Box to Help Fund Constitutional Challenges

House Bill 2232 would create a check-off box on next year's tax form to allow Oklahomans to share tax return funds with the Attorney General's office. That money would be used to defend state laws against the federal government.

Democrat Joe Dorman authored the bill and told Channel 8 he did not expect it to get the support it has. It passed the State House 80 to 15. He said it is meant to allow people who feel passionately about constitutional challenges, like those to federal healthcare, to give tax return money to the Attorney General's office's lawsuits, which he said can cost tens of millions of dollars. He said that would ease the tax burden on others. He estimated check-off boxes usually earn several thousand dollars.

"No, they took all my money," said taxpayer Douglas Pabberg. He said he finished his 2013 taxes and does not want to give any part of his return back to the government. Others said they respect that the check-off box would provide citizens with a choice whether or not to donate. Oklahoma already has some check-off boxes on tax forms.

Dorman said the bill has two weeks to pass in the Senate.

Channel 8 reached out to Attorney General Scott Pruitt's office. A representative said the attorney general did not ask for the bill.