Bishop Kelley Career Day Welcomes Channel 8

Bishop Kelley high school welcomed near 50 guest speakers from various occupations for its annual career day.

A physician, a Hollywood big wig, a Tulsa police officer, fire fighters, and a nurse were just some of the careers covered. Many of the speakers were alumni of Bishop Kelley, including News Channel 8's Burt Mummolo and Mike Collier.

Burt graduated in 1988 and shared his winding road career path that eventually led him to the job he loves here at 8. He spoke fondly about the values instilled in him while a student at Bishop Kelley that continue to guide him in his work, and express themselves in the ways in which he tells stories.

"Bishop Kelley will always be number one in my book," he said. "The atmosphere is one of continual encouragement to become the best person you can be, and to share that goodness with the world at large." He thanks Mrs. Charlotte McGuire for inviting him to speak to her classes.

Mike graduated in 2000, and says Kelley, "...gave me the opportunity to follow my career dreams and ambitions. It allowed me the flexibility to study weather in high school."

As for what he hopes the kids got from his talk? "That you should follow your dreams, work hard, and that should lead you to where you want to go," he said.

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