Bixby Event Center Hits Speed Bump

With a seating capacity of 4,500, the Spirit Bank Event Center has generated some big buzz occasions over the years, but lately the buzz is over a non-occasion.

"This is just a small speed bump in the road," said Bixby Chamber of Commerce president Krystal Crockett, reacting to the announcement that the center will no longer be seeking large events for the facility as efforts instead are focused on its sale.

"I know our city and our chamber, I mean all of us are working together to see what we can do to help the Event Center in whatever ways we can, and I know this is just, this is just a temporary, temporary setback for it and it's going to come back," she said.

The center, she says, has done a tremendous amount to help boost the area since it opened six years ago.

"It's brought a very positive light to Bixby, and we know it's going to continue that in the future, just maybe not right now," she said.

In the meantime, the chamber itself is hosting it's Taste of Bixby event Thursday night.

"We have 20 restaurant vendors that'll be coming, sampling food, it's open to the public, its going to be a lot of fun," she said.