Bixby Fire Fighters Work Round the Clock Against Wildfire

The sun was setting through a thick haze, with fall's orange-reddish leaves seeming to mimic the color of the fire that had been burning for hours.

"I saw it when I came home from work last night, roughly, 6, 6:30," said Perry Hewitt, concerned but patient, with his home not in immediate danger.

"It's clear that the fire isn't right there or coming there right now, but it's way too close to be comfortable," he said.

One look at the tall grass and it's easy to see why comfort was hard to come by.

"The wind is shifting quite a bit, that's been the big problem," said Bixby Fire Marshal Joey Wiedel, shifting his crews' positions to keep ahead of the flames.

"We probably got it contained in about a mile wide and about a half a mile deep," he said.

Living on the edge of the area, this homeowner, keeping her pets safe and her family distanced from the house.

"We're staying outside for right now, we haven't been cleared yet," she said.

An anxious day for homeowners, a never-ending day for firefighters.

"It's going to be a long night for us," said Wiedel.