Bixby Man Tells Girlfriend He's Killed 21 People and She'll Be No. 22, Police Say

A Bixby man was arrested after attempting to strangle his girlfriend, police said.

Bixby police responded Tuesday to a home near 16400 S. 84th East Avenue for physical domestic call. According to the booking report, Chance Clagett, 27, was intoxicated when his girlfriend was attempting to get him to go to sleep.

The victim told police that he said "'AKAZAK' is asleep and to call him something else."

When she could not pronounce the name to Clagett's satisfaction, he became angry and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the floor.

Clagett held her by the throat and said if she moved, he would kill her, according to the report.

The victim told police that Clagett said, "he has killed 21 people and that she would be his 22nd victim."

Clagett then stood up and demanded she follow him, however she ran out of the back door and called 911 at her neighbors home.

According to the report, when officers approached the door, Clagett walked out with a puppy and a bag. He requested a lighter to light the cigarette in his mouth.

When the victim went back inside after officers handcuffed Clagett, she stated that he had turned on all the natural gas appliances inside. Officers opened the door and could smell a strong odor of gas within the residence.

Clagett is being held for attempted first degree murder and domestic assault & battery strangulation.