Bixby Man Arrested for Lewd Molestation

Matthew Bartlett's mug shot

A Bixby man was arrested after his wife discovered images involving a child that were sexual in nature on a computer.According to the booking report, 38-year-old Matthew Bartlett was arrested after images and videos show an underage girl being molested were discovered by his wife.Bartlett's wife took a thumb drive containing some of the images and videos to Bixby police, Friday, Oct. 11.According to the report, Bartlett was identified in the video by his wife by a "sore on his thumb." Bartlett's wife told police that the hard drive was marital property and that she turned it over to be searched by police. The report states that the possibility of evidence being destroyed by Bartlett and the statement given by his wife was cause to arrest Bartlett.Bixby Police photographed Bartlett's hands and noticed a healing sore on his right thumb. According to the statement, Bartlett's wife said that an additional two computers and his phone and camera were still at the residence and could contain more evidence.Bartlett was booked for lewd molestation of a minor, procuring a minor for purpose of a lewd act and violation of computer crimes act. He is being held on $217,000 bond.