Bixby Mother Booked for Allegedly Beating Child with Shoe

A Bixby mother is in custody after allegedly abusing her child with a shoe and a book.

The juvenile female told Bixby police that her mother and step-father had assaulted her after she did not answer their phone calls. After the juvenile told her mom she did not have any missed calls from her, the mom asked her to get in the car.

The child was in the car with her mother, when her mother allegedly started to beat her with a book from her backpack and a shoe.

The victim tried to escape, but the mother threw her to the ground, the report states.

Bixby police officers reported finding scratches on the child's forearms and a large shoe print on her right forearm.

The suspect, Angela McDougal, 47, is being held on a $50,000 complaint of child abuse.