Black Sox Are Elite 32 Baseball Team

On a make shift field in south Tulsa there are eleven very talented 9-year-olds practicing America's past time. Most of these guys have being playing together since pre-kindergarten. What makes them so special is they are a non-club team. They don't play baseball year round. But they have still managed to win two state championships and most recently they won a big regional tournament in Kansas City beating some of the best competition in the midwest."The tournament director comes up to me afterwards and has two pamphlets." said Bixby Black Sox Coach Mike Roller, "He says hey congratulations you've just won the Elite 32. You're one of the top 32 teams in the country. Do you want to go to Orlando or California. I was kind of backing off a little bit. I said hey we don't usually play baseball in July."They do this year. The Bixby Black Sox are headed to California for the USSSA Louisville Slugger Baseball Championship. It's July 13th through July 19th. Most of these guys would normally be getting ready for football, but they're very excited that they are still swinging the bat."This is going to be a really big tournament." said Black Sox third baseman and outfielder Cooper Crissup, "We've been working hard really all year and I really think were going to do good in this tournament. It's going to be exciting.""I'm really excited." said Black Sox second baseman and shortstop Jax Ryan, "We're going to be facing a lot of big teams. We want to win a couple of games. That's the biggest thing and have fun.""I was happy. I was really excited." said Black Sox second baseman Dylan White. When asked what he expects out in California Dylan was simple and to the point. "I want to win!"And why not? No one expected them to win the Kansas City tournament and they did. These kids are just playing baseball because they love it and they love playing together. Coach Roller believes that someday, when they're older they will appreciate the journey they're on."I think that whenever they're 11 and 12 and 13 and they look back, I think then they'll understand what they've accomplished. Just going there is a huge huge accomplishment. One that very few baseball players ever get to make."And there's no doubt these eleven kids will make the most of it. Win or lose, they'll have fun.If you'd like to help donate to the Black Sox trip to California they would love your support. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. To donate click