Black Friday Creeps Up Earlier At Stores Around Tulsa Area

Technically, it's still over a week away, but who are we kidding. As the sign out front of Home Depot says, "Black Friday is Here."

"Oh it's already been crazy," said Nick Eglinton of Home Depot.

In what they call their 'Pre-Black Friday Event,' prices on appliances have already been slashed. Savings?

"Anywhere from $100 to over $1,000," he said.

Last year, they opened the morning after Thanksgiving. This year, they pushed it back to midnight.

"That's new for us, that's new for us," he said.

Also new, the signs on the doors of the Promenade. Last year 11 stores were open, this year?

"So this year we have over 30 retailers opening and we are opening the mall in general at midnight this year," said Promenade manager Sheila Cooper.

Riding the wave of an ever earlier black Friday?

Will you be here at midnight? "Oh yeah, I'm going to be sleeping here man," laughed 'Fast Eddie, owner of Silver Dreams.

He also owns several other kiosks, selling everything from belts, to cell phone accessories, to jewelry.

"Almost 75% off, that mean you buy a necklace for $80 bucks, now it is $20 bucks," he said.

The push to get to consumers quicker, Black Friday-ish, or somewhere in that vicinity.

"Hold on to his wallet till Friday, then Friday blow it up," said Fast Eddie.