Black Friday Shopping Strategies

We're just a few days away from arguably the busiest shopping day of the year. Black Friday... the day after Thanksgiving... is regarded as the kickoff to the holiday shopping season.{} It's when retailers bring out the deals to lure shoppers through the door.For many Americans, Black Friday is more than just a big day of shopping... It's a battle. There's a strategy to picking up those huge deals. Amy Cole is a veteran of Black Friday shopping... and she always has a game plan.{} Her plan of attack includes:

  • Don't go alone.{} She has a group of 15. "It's all getting that buy," Amy says.{} "We all want to work together.{} And the more you have working as a group, you're going to get what you want."
  • Know your deals, by pouring over the newspaper or online ads.{} {}
  • Plot out your course of action, and send out your army of shoppers to the stores.
  • Dress in layers.{} It may be cold outside, but it can get steamy inside with the crowds.
  • Amy's tip to avoid the biggest mistake shoppers can make?{} Once the doors open, have someone get in line right away.{} "Not having someone stand in line, the wait in line to check out, is the longest wait.{} And that's when you lose time in going to the other stores."

Do all these things, and you have a better chance of landing that Black Friday bargain.