Blankenship and Tulsa Not Throwing Aside The Seniors

This has been a less than enjoyable season for the Golden Hurricane football team. They are the defending Conference USA Champs and playing their last year in the league before they jump to the American Athletic Conference. It was supposed to be another dream season where Tulsa brings home the title.

But things just haven't worked out as well as we all expected. Injuries, inexperience and turnovers have cause the Golden Hurricane to start the year 2-6.

With the way things are going this season I asked Coach Bill Blankenship Tuesday if the focus continues to be on this year or do they use the remaining games to get guys ready for next. "That's really an interesting discussion that we've had ourselves." said Blankenship, "This is the outline I gave our coaches. We certainly don't want to hold guys back we are trying to develop. But we are not going to throw aside seniors in our program who are doing well and helping us win or helping us do as well as we can to win. I think there is a fine line you have to walk. If our seniors fell like we're throwing them aside and we don't have very many left. But that's not going to happen under my watch. We're not ready to go to next year. But we have to always be concuss of our program. Our program is bigger than a season and a season is bigger than a game." The Golden Hurricane (2-6) will travel to Greenville, North Carolina this Saturday to battle with the Pirates of East Carolina (6-2). Kickoff is set for 2:45.