Blind Woman Opens Coffee Shop in Bixby

Many people dream of the perfect job, but when you're legally blind those jobs may seem hard to get. One woman in Bixby isn't letting her blindness stop her. Meaning, the perfect cup of coffee is done a little different at Oh My Coffee.

Christie Knipp has always been the woman behind the espresso machine, but she's legally blind. Knipp has been blind since birth and says she really doesn't think much about it anymore.

Knipp says she had a hard time asking potential employers to change things to make it easier on her. So in college, when she found an employer that would change things for her she stayed and learned.

That training is what she believes got her this new coffee shop. Knipp does admit things have to be done in a certain way and you can't move anything on her. She also says she can't rely on reading the temperatures.

"I can hear when my shot is getting to the right point. I can hear when my milk is at the right point and as long as my syrups don't get turned around on me, I know where the syrups are at. So, it's just memorizing where things are at," says Christie Knipp, Owner Oh My Coffee.

Knipp says the only time it's frustrating to be blind is when you want to drive someone. Knipp suffers from glaucoma. Her vision is getting worse everyday. Knipp knows she will have to give it all up someday, but enjoys every minute of owning her own place.

"I wasn't sure I could actually pull off having my own. So, just to be able to turn the lights on that first day," says Knipp.

The Visual Services division of the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services helped with the start up of Oh My Coffee by buying the espresso machine and other equipment. They also helped Knipp secure the building in Bixby.

The location for Oh My Coffee is at 13160 South Memorial Drive in Bixby.