Block Party brings Neighbors Together in Brookside Community

A Brookside neighborhood event has all sorts of family fun, but channel 8's Kimberly Hulsey spoke to some event goers who say meeting your neighbor is important for summertime safety.

More than 2,000 people were invited to get to know their neighbors.

The Brookside Baptist Church and the Brookside Neighborhood Association teamed up to have a fun place for everyone to meet.

The idea is simple...know your neighbor and what's going on around you.

"The more you know your neighbor the safer your community is going to be the more often you are going to know when your neighbor is out of town or somebody in the area that you don't recognize," says Pastor Danny Stockstill. "If you are comfortable in your community you can walk up and introduce yourself rather than just assuming people are up to no good."

The church has spent the last year going from Peoria to Lewis and 31st street to 41st street meeting everyone in between.Their mission is to work together as a community to keep the area safe and fun.

Pastor Stockstill says, "We want our community to be one of our biggest priorities."