BlueCross BlueShield Holds Forum on Healthcare Law

The first day of open enrollment was also a first introduction for many folks to the world of insurance.

"To be honest with you, I don't believe I've ever had medical insurance," said 29 year-old Kevin Bohlander. He has been struggling with a debilitating condition for the past 2 years.

"I have grand mal seizures, not so much epileptic," he said.

So far, the bulk of his medical care has come from expensive emergency room visits.

"About $1,300 to $1,500 a pop," he said.

With insurance, he's looking at a being more proactive than reactive.

"I think on an office practice basis, it's going to open up more patients, the availability to obtain primary care in an office setting," said Dr. Joseph Cunningham.

As for the cost of premiums?

"You might be eligible to receive a subsidy on the exchange," said Ryean Miller of BlueCross BlueShield.

And that's even if you already have insurance through your workplace, but you're paying more than 9.5% of your gross adjusted income on premiums.

"And if you spend more than that, paying for your health insurance at your employer, you still might qualify for a subsidy," she said.

The costs of plans are going to vary of course, based on a whole range of factors.

"You're looking at a $6,000 deductible for $136 a month," said Ryean, describing one plan.

And keep in mind you don't have to get it all done right this minute.

"You can enroll today or you can enroll up to December 15th," said Ashley Hudgeons of BlueCross BlueShield.

And even as overwhelming as all of this can be at the onset, for folks like Kevin...

"It's a blessing, it's a blessing," he said.

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