OHP: Missing Boater at Oologah Lake Recovered Using Sonar Technology

Jeremy Brewer, 35 (from Facebook)

The search for a missing boater ended Friday as crews from Oklahoma Highway Patrol and family dedicated all efforts to the recovery mission.

Jeremy Brewer, 35, went missing last week, when things went wrong during a boating trip on Oologah Lake.

OHP told that the search ended around 10:18 a.m. when a volunteer using sonar technology discovered Brewer's body in the lake.

At this time, OHP doesn't believe there are any signs of foul play. His family and next of kin have been notified.

Last week, received reports of a boat carrying three people that flipped over on the water near the Will Rogers Birthplace.

All three adults onboard were men. Olen Brewer, 56, and his son, Damen Brewer, 30, - father and son - were able to swim for shore, but the third person, Jeremy Brewer, 35, was feared to have drown at the time.

Friday morning, OHP sent out a release stating that search teams were dedicating all efforts to finding Bewer.

The two that made it to shore were able to locate personal flotation devices, however, they were not able to reach Brewer.

Olen Brewer was air evacuated to St. John's to be treated for lung inflammation due to the inhalation of water. He was admitted in stable condition.

Damen Brewer was treated and released from St. John's for a shoulder injury.

A neighbor was outside in his front yard and heard the men calling for help.

"I was working out here in the front yard and my wife was too and I told her I was going to walk down to the bluff I think I heard somebody holler," says Bill Newcomb.

Newcomb has lived near the accident site for 50 years and has never seen anything like that. He says he knows the Brewer family and they were always on the lake and grew up boating in the area. Newcomb says it has been crazy around his house the past two days and he will never forget the cries for help.

"It was kind of disturbing to hear something like and to see the people," says Newcomb.

Photos courtesy of the Oologah Lake Leader show medics hauling a victim on a stretcher up a steep bank. The man was wrapped in blankets and on oxygen. is following the story and we'll post more information as we get it.

Photos Courtesy Chris Edens & The Oologah Lake Leader