Osage County: Body Found in Burning Vehicle

KTUL reporter Caitlin Alexander made it out to the location where the vehicle was on fire.

Firefighters with the Black Dog Fire Department responded to a burning BMW in Osage County early Saturday morning.

Channel 8 spoke with one of the first firefighters on the scene who said they found something "that seemed organic" in the backseat. They phoned the Osage County Sheriff's Department who took over the investigation.

Firefighter Jason Savage said responders suggested the remains were human.

The car was parked on Bratton Road. Firefighters responded around 6 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 13.

Savage lives just down the road from the fire and said, "If it truly was something tragic like that, it's sad that it was in this area. Just not something that normally happens out here."

Channel 8 is continuing to reach out to Osage County Sheriff's Department to get more information.