Body Recovered After a Hit-and-Run Boating Accident on Lake Eufaula

The body of a man boating was located following an accident that occurred on Thursday, July 4.

The body of 55-year-old Gary McIninch was found after the pontoon boat that he and nine others were on was struck by an unknown ski boat.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol report, the pontoon boat and one other boat were anchored together when the ski boat traveling at approximately 30 miles per hour struck the bow of the pontoon boat.

McIninch was ejected from the boat and could not be located by the people on the two vessels. The ski boat that struck the group had left the scene.

The pontoon boat's occupants ranged from the age of 70 to just one year old. Six of the occupants were children and all of them were wearing a personal floating device. Two of the children were transported to Oklahoma City area hospitals, but are listen in stable condition.

The other boat that was anchored with the pontoon boat held three occupants. All three of them were uninjured.

The occupants of the ski boat are unknown. Anyone with information is asked to contact OHP or local law enforcement.