Boil Order Lifted for McIntosh County Residents

A boil order was lifted Saturday for residents near Vivian in McIntosh County.

McIntosh County #6 Public Water System instituted the boil order after an April 19th test found coliform. The chairman of the water district said the problem had not yet advanced to E. coli. He said the contaminated sample was near an RV park.

The problem affected about 750 people.

"It has, because I am the one that does the dishes. I have to boil at least four to five pans so I can do the dishes," said Georgie Ake, 13.

Mission Acres Country Store had to close its kitchen. The store was using bottled water to make coffee.

"They've condemned us for like a week. Well, we can't cook, we can't do anything that isn't already pre-packaged. So, that does mess with our business a lot," said employee Elisa McGuire. She said a voluntary boil order went into effect several days before the mandatory one.

The water district said the Department of Environmental Quality was in Vivian Thursday morning.