Boone Pickens Has "No Doubt" Head Coach Contract Will Get Done

Billionaire donor and Oklahoma State alum Boone Pickens says he has "no doubt" a contract for head coach Mike Gundy will get done.

Speaking to reporters at tonight's Fiesta Bowl where the third ranked Cowboys are playing No. 4 Stanford, Pickens laid it out.

"Well, you know if I told you I didn't know what was going on, I'd be lying to you. That all got put on the shelf until after this bowl game but I have no doubt it will get done."

The contract for Gundy has gotten a lot of attention the longer the wait has gone. Gundy is in his seventh season and has taken the Cowboys to new records for wins in a season, a record he would add on to with a victory over Stanford tonight.

Pickens calls tonight's Fiesta Bowl, the team's first BCS game appearance, "a big deal for us" and says this season's success came a couple of years quicker than he expected.