Boost for BA Restaurants to Make Up for Lost Sales

In downtown Broken Arrow, the restaurants were back up and running and the city's push to support these local businesses, seemed to be paying off.

This week has been a tough one for restaurants here, and their employees.

"You know, it definitely hurts the paycheck a little bit when we can't get in here and work," said Ben Bush, bartender at Main Street Tavern.

But, today, the signs on the sidewalks outside restaurants like Main Street Tavern reading, "Treat your employees to lunch today," seemed to be working.

"We just got super, super busy. Around, like, a 45- to an hour-long wait and people were just really, really happy that there was a restaurant open," said Main Street Tavern hostess, Morgan Higgins.

That turn-around is exactly what the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce hoped to see, coming up with "Take Your Employees to Lunch Day" to get customers back into local restaurants and make up for some of that lost revenue. The response, in its first day, was overwhelming for the Chamber.

"Incredibly positive, incredibly positive. Like, heart-warmingly positive," said April Sailsbury with the BA Chamber, adding that the extra push is needed to help these businesses out after taking a big hit this week. "One day, one meal, isn't going to replace the loss that they had over 36 hours, but I think if we just get the message out to go eat in Broken Arrow this weekend and, you know, go to these restaurants and tip your waiter just a little bit extra, we'll hopefully make up for the lost income that they've had."

And, the extra help from the campaign is not going unrecognized with those restaurant employees noticing the generosity in the community.

"I think it was a really great idea. Um, anything that they ever do around here, the community's real supportive. We always feel a big part of it and we're thankful for our customers coming and helping us out," said Bush.

The Chamber of Commerce hopes to see the spike in sales for the restaurants, throughout Father's Day weekend and into next week.