Boren: Faculty Member Did Right Thing Notifying Authorities

Courtesy: Chris Krug (Twitter)

University of Oklahoma President David Boren stated Wednesday afternoon that all students and faculty could return to normal activities after a reported shooting turned out to be a false alarm.

Boren and university officials received word after a faculty member called police to report hearing three shots coming from inside Gould Hall. The building houses architecture students at OU.

During a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Boren stated that after searching the building and talking to students no credible threat was discovered in the building or on the campus.

At this time it is believed that nearby construction could be to blame for the initial confusion. Norman authorities remain on scene continuing their search including the SWAT team.

Boren added that the faculty member did the right thing notifying police. School officials were able to quickly notify students and send out additional alerts as the morning went on.

At this time no one has been arrested.