Both Escaped Wagoner Co. Inmates Captured

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office has captured both escaped inmates Tuesday following tips from the public. Authorities found both men within 24 hours of their escape.

"We haven't left since last night," Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert said Tuesday morning.

Authorities received a tip around 9 a.m. that led Wagoner police to capture Larry Cotton.

He is not cooperating or speaking with authorities but is back in custody. Colbert said he was dirty as though he had been hiding in ditches.

Another tip came in around 10 a.m. after someone saw Mikey Staggs jumping a fence. He was found just before noon by officers walking along Hwy. 51.

"He [Staggs] knows where he's at, how much trouble he's in," said Wagoner County Sheriff's Deputy Jake Kelley.

Mickey Staggs and Larry Cotton escaped just after 9 p.m. Monday, after overpowering a jailer. Colbert said the jailer sustained some injuries to his head but is otherwise okay. As a result of the attack, Colbert said the jail is going to review its protocol to ensure the safety of jailers and residents in the community.

"As I said last night to the citizens, who trust in us to keep these inmates in jail. That didn't happen," Colbert said.

Several residents told Channel 8 the jail escape was the talk of the town. Many people said there were traffic stops around Wagoner as authorities searched for the men.

Resident Doyle Burkhalter said he saw police lights as he drove back from work Monday night.

"I was in my truck, looking for an accident, and I got to the terminal and they said they had two escapees in Wagoner, and I got to thinking, 'Oh my goodness,' Burkhalter said.

Staggs is described as a white male, 5' 6", 170 lbs. with brown hair and blue eyes. He is 37 years old. Cotton is described as a black male, 6' 0", 210 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes. He is 25 years old.

Cotton was imprisoned for eluding an officer, possession of stolen property and firearms charges. Staggs was imprisoned for felony firearms charges.

About 25 officers, including many from surrounding areas and agencies, helped in the search effort.

Colbert said at any given time, there are between three and five jailers. There are currently 109 inmates, although capacity is 101. The jail is utilizing additional sleeping arrangements to accommodate the larger number.

Colbert said while he has been in his position, there has been one issue in which an inmate taking the trash out attempted an escape.

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