Boy Reports "Whoopings," Two Women Face Child Abuse Charges

Two women are behind bars Wednesday after police arrested them on child abuse charges. It happened after an 11-year-old boy told a DHS worker at school about the alleged abuse.Chasity Allums, 31, is facing four counts of child abuse. She is the mother of five children. Her reported girlfriend, Angela Johnson, 34, is facing three counts of child abuse. Tulsa Police arrested them Tuesday.According to the police report, Allums's 11-year-old son told the DHS worker she "whoops us with extension cords with our clothes off." Also, he said his little brother received "whoopings" with a belt. He showed the DHS worker injuries on his right arm and right leg. He also spoke about injuries on his right shoulder. He said Allums gave Johnson permission to spank her children.As law requires, the DHS worker reported the alleged abuse to police. Allums's children aged 6, 9, and 15 also spoke about abuse. Her 10-year-old child did not disclose any physical abuse. A doctor examined the children at the Justice Center and said four of them had injuries consistent with blows from a flexible object.Allums and Johnson gave different explanations about how the injuries happened."Be mindful that there's a fine line between abuse and discipline, and it appears these individuals crossed that line," said Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley. He said this type of situation is why mandatory reporting exists. He said Tulsa Police have a good relationship with area schools and agencies when it comes to reporting issues involving children.Channel 8 spoke with residents that live in the same complex as Allums. None said that they knew her but were shocked to hear of the arrest."That just blows my mind, because I have a daughter, and that's not something I could see anybody ever doing to their child," said neighbor Jeremy Taylor.Tulsa Public Schools declined to comment on this case. However, a representative said the school system follows mandatory reporting law.Allums and Johnson have a $50,000 bond for each count of child abuse.
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