Boys Scouts Collecting, Retiring Damaged Flags Over Holiday Weekend

A Boy Scout troop is spending its Fourth of July weekend honoring the red, white, and blue.Boy Scout Troop Three is collecting torn, tattered, and faded flags Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to retire them respectfully. The scouts plan to burn in a private, solemn service in the next month or two."What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than doing some citizenship service?" said Scoutmaster Scott Hawkins.Hawkins said protocol suggests flags should be retired when they are damaged past the point of repair. He said he passes by many worn flags in Green Country."How I think it's going to be meaningful is like respect to our country," said 10-and-a-half-year-old Scout Ramsey Hawkins.The scouts will be at Heritage United Methodist Church near 71st and Evans Road in Broken Arrow Thursday 12pm-7pm, Friday 9am-4pm, and Saturday 10am- 4pm.
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