Bracing For Ice

They look fine for the moment, but PSO is bracing for what those power lines could look like tomorrow.

"We are going to activate our site at the fairgrounds so that we can start bringing in some additional resources. We anticipate having about 750 line and tree crews here in Tulsa," said Stan Whiteford of PSO.

If current forecasts hold, then hopefully those lines will hold as well.

"Typically a quarter of an inch is generally not a real big problem causer," he said.

As for trees? How much ice is a problem causer for them?

"Probably a quarter of an inch or more, it really just kind of depends on the type of tree. I mean obviously oaks are stronger, so they'll take more," said arborist Tim Nall of We B Trees. He vividly remembers the damage in 2007. One warning from the past?

"I know we had talked with several people, they were taking a lot of trees out last time that we didn't really think need to be taken out, but they make more money when they take 'em out," he said.

Meanwhile, at the downtown Home Depot...

"Snow shovels, ice melt, the windshield washer solution," said employee Jim Gore, fielding calls from customers about those portable power stations.

We have had several call today for 'em, wanting to know generators and what size we have," he said.

A race against the storm, with hope that procrastination won't be punished by precipitation.

"They called at 3 o'clock wanting to know if I could come over and start trimming their trees before the ice storm come in and I had to turn them down," said Nall.