Uncertainty Surrounds Brady Street Name Change

The pre-vote at last week's city council meeting came down to a tie, and with one councilor absent, the issue was pushed ahead a week, leaving plenty of time to lobby for change.

"People have a right to demonstrate if they like, and I respect that," said Tulsa city councilor David Patrick, ready for whatever the masses might bring to sway his vote. For safety's sake, city hall sent security, inadvertently sending an officer for every demonstrator.

"At least I knew how to pick out a nice shady spot on a hot August day," said Mike Workman. He had over a dozen folks RSVP on Facebook saying they would be here, but alas, there he sat, flying solo.

"History is determined by those who show up. I told people that I would show up.," he said.

Of course councilor Patrick also showed up cause he works across the street.

"It's evident to me, with all the contacts that I've had that district 3 is not for this, and I am their representative for that," he said.

Mike is from district 9.

"I think it speaks highly of councilor Patrick that he was willing to meet with anyone else that wanted to join me here today," he said.

And lo and behold, for a second it looked like another demonstrator had showed up.

"Are you still filming the Brady thing? Are you hear for that? No," laughed one woman.

Sharon lives in the house we were in front of. But not so funny were some of the reasons people gave Mike for not showing up.

"There were some people who literally told me they were not going to go in a neighborhood where they thought KKK members might be there, where confederate flags where known to be flying, and I told them that's not true," he said.

Mike says that shows how folks on both sides are over-reacting on the issue. As for him, he made his pitch to the councilor, sat in the shade for an hour and a half, watched security depart, and remained optimistic that a demonstration, however small, can have a great impact.

"I think he'll be a no vote, but, we'll see," said Mike.

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