Brady Street Now Named After Civil War Photographer

You are looking a completely different Brady street.

"This city is no longer honoring Tate Brady," said Tulsa city councilor Jack Henderson.

Instead, the city is now honoring Mathew Brady, same last name, much different person.

"Matthew Brady is an American photographer, the most famous American photographer of the 19th century," said Tulsa city councilor Blake Ewing.

Street signs will have the initials MB added before Brady to drive home the difference.

"The Brady name has never been a problem with people that came to me, it was the racist information that we heard about Tate Brady, so to take that off and put somebody else's name on there, it could be Voo Doo Brady, I don't care, but it ain't Tate,' Said Henderson.

But many in the crowd did care, and their grumblings were met with a reality check from councilor Ewing.

"Had we called the vote, and voted according to the preset intentions of the council, this would have failed, and tomorrow morning we would have all woken up and that street would have still honored Tate Brady," he said.

Even so, many of those in attendance still took the compromise as a defeat.

"It feels like we've been thrown table scraps," said one man.

"I think it's superficial. I think it's still holding on to Mr. Brady," said one woman.

"I feel like I just went through a 12 round fight, got hit in the stomach, that's what it feels like," said James Johnson.

The old question of 'What's in a name?' was answered tonight. There's hurt from the past, hope for the future, and a hollowness that comes with compromise.

"Still kind of processing it, it doesn't feel right to me," said one man.