Brandon at Dave and Busters

Brandon is a typical teenage boy, loves sports and video games and we were at the perfect place, Dave & Busters near 71st and Hwy 169. If he wasn't shooting bad guys or robots, he was firing the football or shooting hoops.

And hoops? His favorite especially the Thunder, he's been to two games already and his favorite player, not a shocker.

"Kevin Durant.....I guess. He's the best player on the team."

Brandon is 14 years old, he'll celebrate number 15 in May, and he's a freshman in high school. He's very smart and tested that way and has two classes he enjoys the most.

"Math and science. I'm good with numbers and I just like science."

Brandon has a younger brother and sister that have been adopted and he would like to still maintain contact with them both. As for what he wants in his forever family?

"It has to be male and female. Nice role model. No drinking or smoking, that's my big iffy. Both parents are active that's about it."

"Why is it important that they're active?"

"Because if I want to go outside and play football I'll need someone to play with me. If we're in the middle of no where, I won't have any friends to come over."

Like his family expectations he also has expectations for himself.

"First, I plan on graduating high school, then I plan on going to the military. And be an engineer."

Any good engineer will tell you, you need structure and that's what Brandon needs most, and a loving home that will allow him to be a kid.

If you think you can offer Brandon the forever home he deserves, call 800-376-9729.