Bready For Success

When your job requires you to show up at 4:30 in the morning, your brain can get a little loopy.

"Are you bready?," asked Jack Davis.

Which could easily explain the long list of puns from the folks at Heavenly Bread.

"Bready for more?," he laughed.

Jack and his cousin Adele Beasley first started baking together in 4th grade. Years later in college...

"We were skyping one night and I thought, let's bring back Heavenly Bread," said Adele.

"We came up with the name Heavenly Bread, 4th grade as well, one night we were kind of brainstorming, 'What should our business be called?' And we came up with Heavenly Bread Co.," said Jack.

It's aptly named, not only for it's aroma and taste, but also because of one of it's core principles of being socially responsible.

"The idea is to train and employ women, like marginalized groups of women in Oklahoma, people that wouldn't otherwise have a job," said Adele.

Just as pure as their motives, are the ingredients in their breads.

"So this is 100% whole wheat flour," said Adele.

"Lookin' good," said Jack checking on some loaves.

And keep in mind they're only juniors in college, which being college age alone, makes bakers hours especially challenging.

"Getting up in the morning on our own, being our own bosses and saying hey we gotta bake bread today," said Jack.

Next they're looking to grow; they're already at two farmers markets, and will soon be at two restaurants.

"Right now we're at the French Hen on a dill bread sandwich, it's a salmon blt," said Adele.

Two cousins, refusing to loaf around, instead rising to that Nike slogan with a baker's twist.

"Just dough it!" said Jack.