Bridge Accident Causes Delays for Drivers

The eastbound lane of I-244 is still shutdown, and it's causing headaches for commuters. The back of a dump truck got lodged under the bridge over 3rd street yesterday, badly damaging the overpass. Eastbound traffic is being diverted to the eastbound Broken Arrow Expressway. It made some people late to work this morning.

" It's certainly very unexpected. We were able to go and close it down immediately, fortunately no one was hurt.," said ODOT Spokesperson Kenna Mitchell. Drivers say they're glad no one was hurt too, but they're eager for the repairs to start. "It's very annoying," Stacy Lusk told Tulsa's Channel 8. Like her friends, she found a way around it. However it's easier for some than others. " Because of the time I come in in the morning, it didn't take me any longer. The short cut was real quick, and I moved as fast as I always do," said Linda Frazier Drivers who come in later in the morning weren't so lucky. "I don't come in as early as the other two ladies. I come in at 7:20 so Hwy 75 was backed up past 41 Street, so I putted along and waited until 41st and then exited. I did the whole meandering through the neighborhood and Southwest Blvd to get downtown," explained Lisa Sifuentes. She says it still costs her 20 minutes, but she's sure she made it in quicker than those who suffered through it.

Meanwhile, ODOT is evaluating the bridge and trying to come up with a plan to repair it so drivers can get moving, but that will take time. As for the cost, once it's known, ODOT says it will pass the bill on to the party at fault.