Bridge North of Sperry Scheduled for Replacement in 2017

Some residents in Tulsa County may be wondering when and if a bridge near Sperry will ever be replaced.

Crews with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation made repairs to the bridge over Hominy Creek twice last week. It's located north of Sperry on State Highway 11.

"If you don't slow down below 50 miles an hour normally, you're going to tear your car up," a resident told KTUL this past weekend. Another user of the bridge spoke about how they were surprised the bridge hadn't fallen through just yet.

KTUL spoke to an official with ODOT who stated that the bridge isn't scheduled to be completely replaced until 2017. That decision has been in place since an eight-year Construction Work Plan was drafted for the entire state.

Kenna Carmon with ODOT said that the plan looks at the need for roadwork repairs in Oklahoma and the costs. Officials reevaluate the plan every year in the fall.

Last year officials determined that 2017 was still a good year for the bridge to be replaced. A current estimate puts the price tag at just over $3 million.

Carmon added that if ODOT determines this fall to keep replacement for the bridge in 2017, additional measures may be used to slow down its deterioration. One of them could be to keep heavier traffic off the bridge.

ODOT will continue to monitor the bridge and its status and make repairs when necessary.