#BringBackOurGirls Rally Held in Tulsa

One month ago, more than 200 Nigerian school girls were abducted from a school.

The girls were kidnapped by an Islamic militant group called Boko Haram.

The Twitter hash tag, Bring Back Our Girls has brought international attention to the kidnappings.

A local Tulsa group rallied downtown to draw more eyes to the issue.

"It's basically your worst nightmare," says Natalie Kirk, a mother passing the rally.

Kirk had not heard of the abductions until she passed the rally hosted on 6th and Boston.

"I saw the story and I was just outraged and I know that a lot of other people were as well," said Lori Vance-Guevara, the rally organizer.

Many gathered to stand in solidarity for the family members of the kidnapped girls.

"We just wanted to come down here and give our support, you know, just do something, you know, if not just to create awareness about the situation," said Mikkel Henderson.

The U.S. National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, said today that they are not ruling out providing military aid to the Nigerian governments.