Bristow Mayor Asked To Resign

An annexation fight in Creek county is getting even more intense with calls for the mayor of Bristow to resign. It all stems from a battle over water rights in the area.It isn't often that the mayor of a community is asked straight to his face to step down, but that's exactly what happened Monday night in Bristow.

"I ask for you resignation right now," said Clayton McKinzie.

It was the boiling point of frustration. The result of a Bristow city council maneuver to fence-line annex scores of Creek county residents who didn't ask to be.

"We do not want to be in with Bristow," said Althea Chasteen, proudly wearing a "No Annexation Without Representation" t-shirt.

"We pay our taxes to the county and city council has no right to come into our private lives or our private land and take it," she said.

In all, Bristow annexed over 300 square miles, before a group of citizens fought back.

"The red line is the old fence line, and the hot yellow is the new one that we just finished with," said Brawn Fahrny, describing the map on his t-shirt.

The yellow fence line takes us to the town of Slick. Where city hall is guarded by a Pyrenees named Chisolm, and the closest thing to a stop light is a stop sign.

"We tried to get a caution light, we can't even get a caution light," laughed mayor Barbara Montgomery.

But what they were able to do was turn the tables through a hole in the fence line that attorney's say they found in Bristow's annexation line.

"We went right inside of their fence line and so technically speaking, Bristow belongs to us right now," laughed Montgomery.

A legal battle is expected. In the meantime, a recall petition could start circulating shortly.

"We're all gonna sign it, you know, there are many people behind us, and I think we're gonna get him out," said Savannah Gantz.

The mayor of Bristow declined to comment for this story.