Bristow Rancher Finds Four Calves Shot to Death

A Bristow rancher is looking for answers after seven of his calves went missing. He found four of them shot dead in the woods.Rancher Theodore Alexander said he tried to count his cattle and calves Monday, as he usually does, and discovered that seven were missing. He had planned to sell the calves at market the following week. He said each one is worth about $1,000."That's my livelihood," Alexander said. Alexander said his neighbor helped him walk across his hundreds of acres. He said none of his fences appeared broken. All of the shot calves were in the woods where they usually slept. He does not think the suspect(s) could have shot them from the road.Alexander said he wants to help keep this from happening to other ranchers.The Creek County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case. It plans to work with the Cattleman's Association. Investigator Drew Mullenix said any charges will be up to the District Attorney. However, he said trespassing charges and animal cruelty charges are possible in these types of cases. "What somebody might have thought was fun, they don't realize the cost that's involved and the actual loss to the rancher," Mullenix said.There have been other cases of violence involving cattle in Green Country over the past few years. In Rogers County, men allegedly used a bow and arrow to shoot cattle. They had to pay the victims $85,000.