Broken Arrow Appoints New Acting Fire Chief

Deputy Fire Chief Steve Jarrett has been appointed to the Acting Fire Chief position due to a change in state law.

The need to appoint another Acting Fire Chief was created after the passage of Senate Bill 2024.

Senate Bill 2024, which was signed into law on May 14, changed the requirements for a person to serve as an acting or interim fire chief.

The law says that a fire chief has to have at least three years of experience as a paid fire fighter before taking on the position of fire chief.

The City Attorney's Office researched how the bill applied to then Acting Fire Chief James Annas and whether or not the bill applies to existing or future individuals for the position.

Acting Fire Chief Annas' experience as a fire fighter before his hire in June 2011 with the City of Broken Arrow was with a volunteer fire department.

On May 21, the City Attorney's Office provided its opinion on the law and how it applied to then Acting Fire Chief Annas.

As a consequence of the opinion and requirements to comply with the laws of the state, the City Manager determined that the City of Broken Arrow should treat the law as applicable to Acting Fire Chief Annas.

The City is actively involved in the recruitment and selection process for the next Fire Chief.

They expect to identify a finalist within four months.