Broken Arrow Chamber Begins 81st Annual Rooster Days Festival

The Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual Rooster Days Egg Hunt, with the first clue to be announced on Monday.

The egg hunt is a ten-day contest where egg-hunters use daily clues to search for the location of a painted hidden egg.

"The clues are available at the sixty merchants," said Rooster Days Marketing Chair Kristi Brooks.

Brooks wants people to know they can find a full list of those merchants at

The clues will also be announced on Facebook and Twitter.

The person who finds the egg wins a prize package worth $3,000 and gets to ride in the big Rooster Days Parade.

"I've been hunting this elusive egg for sixteen years," said recurring egg hunt participant Dawn Sing.

The hunt builds up to the Broken Arrow Chamber's Rooster Days Festival will run from May 11th through May 13th.

Festival activities will include a parade with colorful floats, a carnival with rides and games, performances from country and gospel singers, and the crowning of Miss Chick.

The Rooster Days Festival began in 1931, in the days when Broken Arrow had a thriving poultry industry. The Chamber established a special day for farmers to bring their excess roosters to market.

With the advent of rural electricity and refrigerators to keep eggs fresh, the Rooster Days Festival morphed into more of a carnival.

"The Rooster Egg Hunt always gets everyone excited about Rooster Days," said April Salisbury, Senior Vice President for the Broken Arrow Chamber.

"Since the clues could lead you to several different location in Broken Arrow, it's a great opportunity for people to investigate and enjoy different parts of the city and creates traffic for our area businesses," said Salisbury.