Broken Arrow Cross Country Runner Continues Path to Recovery

Tuesday July 29,2014 marks six months exactly since a driver hit and severely injured a Broken Arrow cross country runner. Logan Henry was running with his teammates when it happened. After the accident, he was in a coma for a few weeks. But since the moment logan opened his eyes, he's been committed to recovering.

Every stride on this elliptical signifies improvement for 16- year- old Logan.

"A few weeks ago he was walking with a cane. A few weeks before that he was on a walker. And a few weeks before that he had to have a wheelchair to go everywhere. So to watch him on that elliptical is just a big victory," said Jered Henry, Logan's father.

Logan's dad said his son suffered a broken leg, pelvic fractures and brain injury from the hit and run crash six months ago. Since the accident, he's been forced to learn how to write, talk and eat all over again.

"I am just very proud. The way that he gets up and pushes himself everyday to do that. This is a hard thing. it's very frustrating. It's frustrating for us as parents. But it doesn't even compare to what he is going through. He is a 16- year- old kids who six months ago was doing anything," Jered said.

After spending a month in intensive rehab, he now attends physical and cognitive therapy here at the Saint Francis in Broken Arrow on Tuesday the Henry family let me tag along to Logan's appointment.

His motivation to progress is palpable and the reasons behind his drive are simple.

"My family and friends. But also the love of running. So my true love," Logan said.

Right now Logan is not capable of running with his teammates, but he said that's his goal.

"There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't tell us how much he misses being with his teammates through summer practice. So it's hard on him. But at the same time that's his end goal to continue on his path," Jered said.

Jered said his son is still on the cross country roster. He said Logan will be attending meets throughout the season in support of his team.

The family is still accepting the donations for Logan's medical bills. If you would like to donate, go to any MidFirst Bank in Oklahoma.