Broken Arrow Lifeguard Arrested for Indecent Exposure

Their job is to keep a watchful eye on everyone, but yesterday it was one of the kids that got an eyeful of something disturbing.

"That lifeguard up there had his pants pulled down and he was totally touching himself," said Christie Hopper.

That is what Christie's 11 year-old daughter told her had happened as she was waiting at the top of the water slide for permission to go, and she wasn't the only kid to see it.

"The other two little girls went up there and went down the slide and they were exposed to the same thing," she said.

Christie and the other mother went looking for his boss.

"We spoke to the manager, he said, 'Ok I'll go take care of it right now,'" she said.

But apparently "taking care of it" just meant asking the kid to apologize.

"He was like, 'I'm sorry, you know, I just pull my shorts up sometimes to tan my thighs cause they're hard to tan,'" she said.

First of all, she didn't buy his story, and secondly, she certainly didn't think that constituted taking care of anything.

"This is not excusable, this isn't a slap on the hand don't do it again. We demand that you either call the police or we're going to call the police," she said.

And so the police were called and the 17 year-old was arrested for indecent exposure.

"Lifeguards are supposed to protect you, make sure that nothing bad happens to you, not do bad things," she said.

A bizarre day at the pool, with a mother at least finding a silver lining in how her daughter responded .

"She did the right thing by coming and telling an adult," she said.