One More Road Block for Broken Arrow Hillside Drive Project

The Broken Arrow City Council voted to allow the condemning of the final property standing in the way of finishing the Hillside Drive extension. This frontage road serves the Bass Pro Shops area.

"This is an area to open up that line where you can travel from Elm all the way to County Line on Hillside Drive," says Broken Arrow Director of Communications, Stephanie Higgins.

There is still one property owner that the city is negotiating with to get the rest of the land needed. Higgins says they are looking to acquire the right-of-way and easements needed for these projects. Higgins says they are not after any additional land. The city only wants a small tract north of the right-of-way, a permanent drainage easement, and a temporary construction easement. There is already two parts of the project complete and it's designed to allow easy access.

"It's a connectivity and a public safety project that we are embarking on. We have a lot of traffic that comes through that area and we have people parking on road ways," says Higgins.

People that shop in the area are excited about the potential for this road to be in place.

"When you come here to eat you can just cut through and go to the Target instead of having to go all the way back out and around so it would be handy," says Lou Ann Henderson.

Higgins says they have been working with the property owner and believes an agreement will be made soon. But if an agreement is not met they will begin the process for condemning the land.