Broken Arrow Officials Declare Water Emergency

Broken Arrow officials have issued an emergency water rationing measure for all residents beginning Tuesday morning.

The City of Broken Arrow announced that due to a "substantial break in a water main line into Broken Arrow from Pryor," a water emergency has been declared for all residents and business customers.

According to the release sent out Tuesday morning, residents are being asked to use water for essential use only, which lists cooking and bathing.

"Due to the line break and the rapidly decreasing supply of water within the distribution system the City Manager has declared a water emergency," said Director of Communications Stephanie Higgins. "The storage tanks are at critically low levels and the line break is prohibiting the City from receiving the water volume needed to supply the city."

Officials have closed city pools and splash pads in the area until further notice. Additionally, fire hydrant testing and watering at the Battle Creek Golf Course has ceased until the repair is complete.

Crews will begin repairs to the water line within the hour. It is expected to take 8-10 hours before it is complete.