Broken Arrow Police Get Assault Rifles

Citizens just like you are carrying more guns these days. Just imagine how many bad guys have their own pistols and shotguns. Now Broken Arrow police are stepping up their fire power--with an upgrade that is a match for the unexpected.

Since the 1960's, Broken Arrow's finest have grown from billy clubs and revolvers. These days the bad guys don't respect this as much as they used to.

"The situations we are encountering have evolved. The suspects are no longer... they 're carrying more powerful weapons," said Cpl. Leon Calhoun of Broken Arrow's Police Department.

No, they are more prepared. 90-officers now have new AR-15 assault rifles--at hand. You might be surprised at how often a cop needs to actually pull out their weapon.

"More than I can count," said Officer Scott Oelke. He says after 12 years as a policeman, he know Broken Arrow is safe.

"It's an extremely safe city and we take great pride in that but we also want to be prepared."

The last time an officer actually shot a suspect in Broken Arrow was 2009. Standoffs are rare. But even a traffic stop is not routine. They believe anything can happen--even here.

"So we always have our handguns, but when we get a call in a situation where active shooter situation or things like that, having that rifle available, is very nice, especially if we encounter a suspect at a longer range," said Calhoun.

The rifle is known to be more accurate. faster and easier to handle. Officer Oelke says he has pulled his gun out, but the only shooting has been at the range.

"I've never had to shoot in the line of duty, thank goodness and I hope it stays that way," he said. "But we have had to be in some close calls and having a weapon like this just helps keep us safe."

They also have tasers and pepper spray--and now the AR-15, to keep the peace.

Soon Broken Arrow police will begin tweeting police reports. You can follow them at Twitter.