Broken Arrow Police Help Residents Dispose of Medications

Broken Arrow residents looking to get rid of unwanted prescription did so Friday morning with the help of officials.

When you open up your medicine cabinet, you may or may not come across an ugly sight. Small-brown bottles lined up with the caps half-way on and a few pills or capsules at the bottom of those.

And that was the case for some Broken Arrow residents who turned up for the Broken Arrow Police Department's Drug Drop-Off Event. During the event residents could dispose of current, expired, unwanted or no longer needed medication.

According to the release, the main reason for the event was that a vast array of medications, including antibiotics and mood stabilizers, have been "found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans."

In order to keep the sometimes dangerous pills out of the hands of minors and out of our water supplies, BAPD put on the event for all those interested. Infection waste, IV bags and needles were the only items turned away.