Broken Arrow Preparing Residents for Move to Chloramine

You care about your water, whether it's from the faucet or from a bottle.

But now,Broken Arrow is changing the way the city disinfects its water, adding ammonia to chlorine.

Tulsa, Sand Springs and Oklahoma City already utilize this method. But Channel 8's Kim Jackson says now.. Broken Arrow has to explain to it's residents.

There don't seem to be problems with Broken Arrows water, but according to city leaders the water could taste and smell even better.

In May of 2012 Broken Arrows water had too much bacteria for the Environmental Protection Agency that meant sending a notice to residents in the mail.

By adding ammonia to chlorine, they will use the chemical chloramine to disinfect the water in the future and prevent those issues. Broken Arrow is building a new water treatment center as part of its master plan to hydrate a community that continues to grow..

"This facility will allow us to grow within the next 40 years before we most likely have to do any kind of expansion and as rapidly as Broken Arrow is growing you know that something that is vital to our community is our water supply."

Broken Arrow is sending out notices and letting customers know what is going on and they are having a series of forums. The first is Thursday night.