Local Sanitation Department Helping Families With Christmas Gifts

The Broken Arrow Sanitation Department and Broken Arrow City Hall have teamed up to help 30 local families. They are called the Sanitation Santa's and they make sure families that need help during Christmas get it. The workers have a list for each child and they have checked it twice to make sure no one is forgotten. Four of the sanitation workers spent two hours shopping Sunday afternoon, once the gifts are bought, they wrap them and give them to the parents for Christmas morning. To find the families that need help, Bill Cade, the sanitation manager, works with school councilors to find the need.

"Whenever you go to school after Christmas, we want all the kids to have a great Christmas and we like for the parents to wake up on Christmas morning and their kids have that sparkle in their eye toward everything they did for them," says BA Sanitation Manager, Bill Cade.

Cade says since they are always driving around the city they see the real need of the community.

"You just have to go where it is. If you would take the time and go to schools you would probably realize that there is more than you think," says Cade.

The workers spend months preparing for these gifts to make sure they have enough money to help out everyone in need. This project got started because they saw one child without a bike and it has grow to helping dozens of families.

"When you talk to the people that are willing to except the help and you spend some time with the parents that is, it's indescribable. It's something that I would do for the rest of my life if possible," says Cade.

Cade says they have been doing this project for the past 17 years. They hope to continue to grow and help as many families as they can. He also says they have never turned a family away.

If you would like to help the Sanitation Santa's or know someone that may need some help, you can call Bill Cade at 918-259-7000 ext. 7354.